About Sylvie & Luca, the founders

As it often happens in your ‘50s, after a fulfilling professional career, we decided to start a new project that corresponds to our pleasure and emotions.


Sylvie Johannot and Luca Sampieri

Talking about Luca, Sylvie says…Luca is great cook! He has deep love of authentic food and Sicily has a treasure of those. But beyond that he has a deep love of authenticity in people. For 30 years, he was manager of a non-ferrous metal multinational company, and toured around Europe and the States, in contact with both suppliers and clients. Many became friends, as he has a true gift in social intelligence. Luca’s passion? Sailing!
He has been doing so since childhood across all the Mediterranean Sea, and in the good season, he’ll be happy to take you on his beautiful 45 feet sailing boat for an unforgettable day at sea.

When asked about Sylvie, Luca says…Sylvie has a very dynamic personality, she loves to develop projects as much for her professional life than for her private life. She heads her own bilingual school in Geneva, Switzerland, and has founded her students’ education on open-mindedness. Her joy : to meet with people she can relate to in a natural and selfless way.

Aren’t they a good match!

We came to Modica, Sicily in 2012 to spend a few days with friends. The sheer beauty of the baroque town, its contrasting old part and modern part, the splendour of the two cathedrals, our heart was captured. We decided to look for a place to buy in the old town of Modica and by the following June were happily settling in, with a breath-taking view over San Giorgio cathedral!

We discovered a quality of living born from a true family spirit, a sense of community values & genuineness, and a wonderfully warm and sunny weather! Touring around the province of Ragusa, we came across a variety of panoramas that we had never expected, from the beaches to the Mount Iblei, and last but not least, the delicious food and wine!

So since 2012, our holidays were more and more often spent in Sicily. Friends came to us, some settled too, but all of them expressed the deep echo this place had in their heart. Sicily touches you in a way no other place will.

From friends to starting a touristic business, the jump became obvious: we realised that we wanted to share these experiences and give more people the chance of discovering beauty through their eyes, tastes and heart: Sicily That’s Amore.

Sylvie Johannot and Luca Sampieri

8 stunning days to discover the real Sicilian culture!