We have personally visited and tried out each proposed hotel and restaurant and we will aim at making you feel and enjoy this special atmosphere.

Hospitality Accomodation

The culture of hospitality is strongly engraved in Sicily.

You will be lodged in high quality accommodation that we will choose in function of the season, of the theme of the week, and of the group of tourists we will be welcoming. You will be staying there for the whole week, so once you’ve unpacked your bags, relax and enjoy a week of memorable discoveries!

The weather goes from mild to really warm making Sicily an ideal post for your holidays! During the “colder” season (March, April), we have chosen to make you stay in one of the 5 cities you will be discovering (Modica, Scicli, Noto, Ibla or Siracusa). In the warmer season (nearer summer till October), we will add the possibility of staying on the seashore or in the countryside, with pool or access to the beach.

The hotels are with an average of 10 rooms, they vary from Boutique hotels to resorts. We have chosen places who proudly show traditional and well-researched decoration.

We also offer the possibility of lodging groups of friends in 2 houses, one of 4, one of 6, in the old town of Modica. The house of 6 has garden & spa. The house of 4 has a tremendous view over the old town from the terrace.

Hospitality Restaurants

Sicily has a distinctive cuisine thanks to the influxes of all the cultures that established themselves on the island.

We will include in the tour lunches and dinners in various kind of restaurants, some for their typical atmosphere, others for the beautiful surroundings, and some for their recognized excellence (Michelin-starred). But the sense of hospitality of the owners will always be displayed in their high quality products and delicious cooking!

We will also have the chance of being hosted for dinner, cocktail or wine tasting by private owners of ancient aristocratic palaces. You will have a true feeling of the Sicilian sense of hospitality.

Depending on the excursion of the day, we might also organise simple picnics to be enjoyed in the countryside or on the beach. We will also share some meals with local people to taste their wine, oil, cheese or fish!